The Limerick — Cow Bffs

AABBA Patterns are often crude in nature or humorous

The Momma Dom
3 min readMay 10, 2024

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A Study Through Characterization ~ Cicada Unscripted Series

Transparency in A.I.: It was a rather quiet morning of gardening and nothing artificial or intelligent other than the plants.

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A side note of fact, cows have BFFs and will get depressed and have anxiety if they are apart.

An, often vulgar and nonsensical poem of short-versed satire, not always funny as Momma has been known to use serious Limericks to bring about a point.

Photo by Dave Ruck on Unsplash

Bffs since first we moo’d together

Branded two udder birds of a feather

No distance Bessie, I get stressed



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